Time and Attendance

Time & Attendance

DigiFaceID is a time & attendance software suite designed to automate users’ time and attendance tracking. It is suitable for small to medium-sized business. DigiFaceID uses facial recognition to track working time. Software automatically calculates work time for each user and generates reports, so time spent to handle user attendance is reduced. DigiFace ID is ideal for a wide range of business where hourly user time has to be tracked. Using DigiFace ID organizations can efficiently and accurately control users working time, notice lost time, receive notifications by email and quickly generate time and attendance reports for the whole organization or single user.

Time & Attendance

DigiFace ID is designed to allow the HR manager to have the situation under control at all times, so that you may:

  • At any time, generate reports from any PC connected to your network (USB flash drive is not required). Very important for overtime monitoring.
  • Enroll new users from any PC connected to your network without USB flash drive. This makes enrollment procedure very easy and smooth.
  • Automatic emailing notification system. Software sends emails notifications to the HR manager indicating employees who did not perform check-in/check-out procedure. This allows prompt intervention from HR manager that guarantees integrity of Time & Attendance records.
  • Integrate records from multiple check points. You get one consolidated report regardless the number of checkpoints.
  • View employee presence in real-time from any PC connected to your network.
  • Easily handle multiple check in/out records generated by employees during each day. No limit on the number of daily scans.
  • Generate productivity reports.
  • Exporting data. Time & attendance data can be exported as *.xls or *.csv files so other applications can easily access them.
Contact us if you need to monitor Time& Attendance of employees at multiple sites, "out in the field (i.e.outside office premises )... or any other question you may have. We have a solution for you.

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