Cooperative face recognition solutions:

DigiFaceID Access Control Solution adopts face recognition technology to identify and grant access to secure areas only to authorized persons. Your face is now the “key”.

The sophisticated algorithms implemented ensure a high degree of accuracy (here for more info) and a high degree of robustness.

DigiFaceID Access Control Solution can be integrated with our Time and Attendance Solution to give you the ultimate face recognition solution.

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DigiFace Time and Attendance solution is a sophisticated yet practical and affordable system based on face recognition algorithms.

The number of hours worked on each shift by each employee is computed and is available at any moment in a number of formats (overtime is properly accounted for). Real time presence of all staff is available to management (even remotely, if required).

This is an excellent tool to be used in conjunction with your payroll software.

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DigiFace Visitor Management System is a practical and easy to use system that overcomes shortcomings of traditional visitor management systems.

Our system has a variety of applications ranging from customer service to security.

Sectors that could benefit from the deployment of DigiFace Visitor Management System include: building management, hospitals, clubs, schools, offices and banks.
As the name suggests, “cooperative solutions” imply that the subject in question wants to be recognized. In this cases, the subject is fully aware that a face recognition process will be applied to his/her face. In fact, in these cases the subject has a vested interest in being positively identified, for example, for the purpose of clocking his/her presence at the work place, or entering a secure area to which he/she holds a legitimate access permission. These kind of applications help to enforce “fairness” and protect against impostors who’s actions are ill intended.

Non cooperative face recognition solutions

Non cooperative solutions mainly, but by no means always, address security concerns. In this cases the subject is unaware of the fact that a face recognition process is being applied to his/her face. Non cooperative solutions are more complicated and more expensive to implement (privacy consideration play a significant role). However, their unique features often justify their deployment in a number of applications.

Face recognition technology applied to video surveillance has a variety of security and commercial applications that include:

  • identification of a subject against a “black” list (security)
  • identification of a subject against a “white” list (customer service)
  • counting the number of people or objects (e.g. cars) entering a particular area (commercial)
  • triggering an alarm if a subjects walk in a particular direction (security/safety)
  • count the number males vs females entering a given area (commercial)

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