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Time and attendance records of employees that need to be outside the office can be captured using either of the following two solutions:
  • DigiFace Personal ID (android and iOS).
  • DigiFace Mobile ID (Android application)
Both application work in a similar manner: employee takes a “selfie” that triggers the face recognition algorithm and in turn attendance records are generated.

There are however important differences.

DigiFace Personal ID

This is a free app that can be downloaded from Google Play (iOS under development) and must be used in conjunction with DigiFace ID (i.e. the server application). DigiFace Personal ID will not function in standalone mode, constant internet connection to DigiFace ID server is necessary for the face recognition algorithm to work.

This application performs a “verification” of the employee’s identity (this is a 1:1 process, only the owner of the smartphone can use the application for identity verification). Checks are also performed on the geolocation of the phone. This ensures that the check-in or check-out process is performed at valid locations (e.g. at the office). When the smartphone running DigiFace Personal ID is connected to DigiFace ID server via office LAN, employees may clock their presence from their work station rather than from the fixed face scan station (this modality is used by offices/companies with very large premises).

DigiFaceMobile ID

This is a paid Android app and it is usually (but not always) distributed with our rugged android smartphones.
This application can work in standalone mode or as a “client” in network configuration. Note: internet connectivity is not necessary to run the face recognition algorithm, but it is, of course, necessary to synchronize the local database with DigiFace ID database server.

DigiFace Mobile ID can perform “verification” (1:1 process) as well as “identification” (1:N process) of the subject. This means that the same device can be used, for example, by multiple individuals to generate time and attendance records. Checks on the geolocation of the phone are performed at every face scan.

This solution is also suitable for companies that have employees working outdoor at different locations and have the need to consolidate time and attendance reports and/or check staff presence in real time.


  DigiFace Personal ID DigiFace Mobile ID
  Application type Free of charge Paid
  Availability Google Play Pre-installed on hardware
  OS Android Android
  Stand alone mode No Yes
  Scan speed Slow Fast
  1:1 process Yes Yes
  1:N process No Yes
  Continuous internet required Yes No
Contact us if you need to monitor Time& Attendance of employees at multiple sites, "out in the field (i.e.outside office premises )... or any other question you may have. We have a solution for you.

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