Access Control

Access control to office premises or particular areas within the office can be implemented by installing one face recognition device running DigiFaceID software at the access point of the secure area. Exit from the secure area can be achieved via “push-button”.

In order to implement full access control and time & attendance features, two face recognition devices must be installed (one in each direction) for each access point.
Standard solution
High-end access control solution
Face recognition device fully immersed on glass panel.

Here are a few advantages of face recognition VS fingerprint scan:

  • With face recognition it is always possible to enroll 100% of employees  whereas a fraction of the population does not have fingerprint suitable for accurate and consistent enrollment and/or identification.
  • Face recognition is contact less and therefore much more hygienic.
  • Face recognition is less intrusive and user can be effectively deployed even if subject’s hands are busy.
  • In case of any dispute it is impossible to visually recognize someone’s fingerprint but it is very easy to visually recognize someone’s face.
  • Needless to say that face recognition is … way “cooler” !

Access Control

Main features:

  • Easy to use. DigiFace ID has simple user-friendly interface so it is easy to use for most customers even without reading this comprehensive user guide.
  • Network support. Software can access cameras attached to different computers inside the same network via installing client version in those computers.
  • Fast user identification. DigiFaceID uses proven technologies and algorithms to identify users accurately and quickly.
  • View presence in real time. Real-time presence of employees who have checked-in is available on any computer connected to the office network.
  • Efficiency and accuracy. Software provides fast and easy way for user check-in and check-out.
  • Unlimited number of user records. DigiFace ID is designed to grow together with your business: system supports adding unlimited number of new users and unlimited number of user check-in/check-out per day.
  • Automatic emailing notifications. Notifications by email are sent to HR manager on any missing face scan procedure. This allows prompt intervention to fix missing records and ensure data integrity.

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