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Which solutions do you offer?
We provide solutions based on face recognition technology  for applications in the area of Time & Attendance, Visitor Management, Access Control and Video Surveillance.
Do your systems come with any assistance?
What is the duration of your comprehensive support package?
What does you comprehensive package include?
What is the minimum duration of your support contracts?
Can I try out your services for free?
How do I get a quotation?
What payment methods do you accept?


How good is your software?
World class. We employ only the world’s top face recognition algorithms developed by world renowned developers.
How accurate is your algorithm?
Can you deploy multiple face scanners in my premises?
Do you have mobile solutions?
Can your algorithm be tricked by a photo or video?
Do you read or collect any data on people utilizing your services?
Are your solutions "cloud based"?
Why your devices need internet connection?

FAQ about Scanner ID

(A responsible implementation of social distancing)


What hardware is needed to run the DigiFace Scanner ID?
To run Scanner ID a dedicated PC (windows intel i5 or i7 machine) is required.
Do you provide the hardware?
May I use my own PC?
What kind of cameras may I use?


What is the pricing structure?
The pricing has three components:

  • Hardware cost (this is a one-time cost that applies in case you do not already have suitable hardware at your disposal)
  • Installation fee (this is a one-time cost that covers the software installation and machine configuration)
  • License subscription (this cost covers the cost of the license for allowing you to use the software)
What licensing subscription options are available?
How much does the license cost?
Once my subscription expires may I use the PC for other purposes?


How often will I receive the reports?
Reports are automatically generated daily and sent to the predefined email address.
What is the use of the reports?
Does Scanner ID have face recognition functionality?
Does Scanner ID have additional functionalities?
Can I use Scanned ID for surveillance?

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